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South Jersey Man Loses Over 135lb In 8 Mo, Co-Creates Brand To Help Others Hit Life's "Reset" Button

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

It had been a long and arduous road of slow weight gain for Bobby Fodera, co-owner of Wiser Insurance Agency in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. At 49 years old, he was up by over 140 lbs. since his days at Allentown High School. Once a strapping, svelte, athletic young man, Bobby succumbed to the trials and tribulations of a hectic life;

  • Multi-Business Ownership

  • Becoming A Parent

  • Residual Injuries From Sports

  • Lack Of Motivation

  • General Comfortability

Sound familiar?!

By the early Summer of 2021, it had gotten to the point where Bobby knew if he didn't make a drastic change soon, he was staring down the barrel of an early death due to morbid obesity. Clocking in at over 320 lbs., his body was just starting to give out on him way too young. Living like this in his forties was unfair to him, his family and his ultimate legacy. That's when the research started, well... continued. To be honest, Fodera had been looking for "the perfect diet" for years now. Decades actually. He tried every fad you could think of. Do you remember TRIMSPA? Yeah. That's just one of 'em. It had NOTHING to do with Anna Nicole Smith being the spokesperson (or so he claims).

"Nothing I tried would work for more than 10-20 lbs. over a 3-6 mo. period of time and I would just gain it all back a month later. It caused me to become seriously depressed and put me in a dark place quite a few times. Being a guy over 40, it wasn't really socially acceptable to admit that publicly, so I just hid behind my fat, ate my feelings and 'Manned Up', so to speak."

Bobby eventually landed on the website of a man named Mitchell Menaker, who had over a decade of history helping people Change their Lives by losing weight. He was convinced, and purchased a radical program that was all but guaranteed to work. When he received the package, he realized something- On the website it showed a New Mexico address, however the return label of the package said Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, which is the same town Bobby's office was located in. Turns out, by happenstance Menaker had relocated to the area a few months prior. This required further communication. Bobby and Mitchell met, hit it off, and after Bobby saw something amazing happening to his body, he pitched the idea of a new brand in a new state to piggy-back off of Menaker's success coaching, and Fodera's already incredible success in just four months of being "on-program". Fodera and Menaker enlisted the help of fellow local, Paul Brown, owner & founder of Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC to help them create a fresh, permanent brand image & message...yet again they got lucky because Spotlight's office was directly adjacent to Fodera's company, Wiser Insurance on Fire Rd., one of the busiest streets in the entire county.

Can you say fait accompli?

They will be the first to admit that this was a scary undertaking. Anytime a program, or "miracle pill" comes along it's immediately regarded as a scam or a money grab. That's why after working for nearly a year under the radar to test, adjust and work with over 100 clients, the Changing Lives Health & Wellness Program is officially launching to anyone who is a good fit. That doesn't necessarily mean everyone will end up working with the company. An incredibly important discovery meeting or video call (only for those out of area) must come first prior to program initiation. The CLHAW Program has a tiered structure for pricing, based on how many pounds someone wants to lose, supplements the client needs or pre-made meals ranging from a 20lb weight loss program all they way up to a few hundred pounds. Most clients we've seen so far (over 200 since launch!) will drop their first 20lbs in 2-4 weeks. Some clients go faster, and very few have taken longer. Menaker and Fodera have both asserted that it's how "On-Program" you stay that will determine this.

Their ethos is "submit to the process and you will reach your weight loss goal with CLHAW!"

Here we are, it's Spring 2022 and Bobby is now a new man, having lost basically an entire person. The @ChangingLivesHealth Instagram page had only a couple posts showing progress of a couple star clients, because again... No launch without proven results. With less than 50 followers on Instagram at the time, all 3 "Before & After" videos reached well over 5,000 views a piece showing the true virality of this STUNNING, HEALTHY, RAPID and SAFE weight loss program. CLHAW even has 3 Medical Dr.'s currently working with them to lose their own weight. If it's safe enough for a doctor, it's safe enough for you. No loose skin, no sunken-in eyes and the biggest problem is finding new clothes for your freshly-trimmed physique!

Don't worry, though. The program doesn't end when you lose the weight. CLHAW implements a very closely-monitored maintenance plan for post-goal weight management to prevent the ol' see-saw effect. This includes allowing yourself larger portions of food, a larger VARIETY of food and some "cheating" aka a few treats here and there.

Fodera isn't alone in his amazing transition. Star client Maribel was 220 lbs. in 2017 pre-weight loss surgery. Yep, she went under the knife. By September 2021 she was back up to 184 lbs. and was struggling to find any type of solution. She was losing hope, until she linked up with Bobby through a meeting at his Wiser Insurance Agency in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Maribel wanted to give it a shot, and while apprehensive because Fodera himself was still in-program and not completed, she needed to do something to fix her self-esteem and health. As of February 2022, Maribel was down to a staggering 125.6 lbs. and has been tracking her entire journey on her @WeightLossBelle Instagram Page. Here's a sneak peek at her transformation:

Don't get it twisted - The Changing Lives Health & Wellness program is WORK and you will be coached towards working to change your relationship with food. CLHAW clients have collectively lost over 3,200 lbs. since we started working with them in beta testing in late 2021. We currently have over 100 amazing humans in-program right now and a few dozen shaping up to hop on maintenance. We will be adding Success Stories regularly, so be sure to check our site and see if you recognize anyone. The next addition could be you!

If you're interested in a FREE consultation with no obligation, please check out our site at to see the testimonials and RESULTS for yourself!

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