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Justine’s Weight Loss Journey

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

CLHAW Success Story

I am 165 pounds lighter since joining the Changing Lives Health and Wellness program. Like many people looking to lose weight, my weight loss journey was a rollercoaster.

I am a mom 6 children and have been obese since my early twenties. I was always desperate to lose weight so that I could keep up with my kids. I tried many fad diets, pills, injections, and fasting, but nothing seemed to work. Illness and a close death also made it difficult to stay motivated to lose weight and my desperation led to me to get referred to a bariatric surgeon.

As I was considering the surgery, I went through the entire required year of monthly appointments, psychiatry appointments, and lab tests, however just before going under the knife, my aunt begged me to try the Changing Lives Health and Wellness program.

I was then presented with two options: go ahead with the surgery or try Changing Lives Health and Wellness.

I decided to take a chance and try to lose weight naturally with Changing Lives Health and Wellness – I am happy that I took that chance because I lost weight quickly in a healthy way and completely changed my relationship with food.

Like so many others, food is how my family shows their love. It took a lot of dedication and support from the Changing Lives program to get where I am today. My weight loss journey with Changing Lives Health and Wellness was more positive than I could have ever expected.

Bye bye bariatrics – hello Changing Lives Health and Wellness! This program really works!

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