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Maribel's Inspiring Journey

Overcoming Heartbreak and Failed Surgeries to Achieve Remarkable Weight Loss Results!

Maribel Invernon's upbringing in a Spanish household centered around indulging in delicious Cuban and Spanish cuisine. Food played a significant role, and unfortunately, obesity ran in her family. Battling weight issues since an early age, Maribel embarked on countless diets, starting around the age of 10.

In 2009, Maribel faced devastating challenges, losing an uncle to obesity-related complications, and enduring a separation that led to divorce while raising her young son. As stress and heartbreak burdened her, she found herself struggling with her weight, exacerbating the emotional toll.

Taking charge of her life in 2011, Maribel pursued a certification as a Life Coach through IPEC. Motivated by her personal battles with unhappiness and depression, she aimed to assist other women facing similar struggles. Opening a women's wellness studio, she became a certified Zumba instructor, offering a range of services including coaching, massage therapy, and diverse fitness classes taught by hired instructors. Her vision was to guide women in their weight loss journeys while also embarking on her own.

Despite becoming stronger and witnessing changes in her body, shedding the excess pounds was challenging for Maribel. Standing at 5 feet tall, and weighing between 190-200 pounds, she faced many setbacks.

Eventually, Maribel closed her business, leaving her feeling as though she had regressed in her journey. Not only was she still overweight, but she also had to rebuild her life from scratch. Disheartened, she momentarily abandoned coaching, believing she couldn't help others if she couldn't help herself. She transitioned to a career in insurance, which she pursued for the following 9 years. During this time, her weight continued to climb, peaking at 210 pounds.

In 2016, witnessing her family members successfully undergo weight loss surgeries, Maribel set a deadline to attempt weight loss independently for a year. If she failed to achieve the desired results, she would opt for gastric sleeve surgery. Throughout that year, she enlisted the help of a nutritionist for three months, participated in boot camps, experimented with the keto diet, and tried Isagenics. Unfortunately, none of these approaches yielded the desired outcomes for her.

Ultimately, like many others, Maribel succumbed to surgery. On the day of her surgery in June 2017, Maribel weighed 220 pounds. Following a month of liquid diet followed by mushy foods, she gradually dropped to 170 pounds after four months, marking a 50-pound weight loss. Although she was content with her progress, she yearned for further improvement.

For several years, Maribel maintained her weight within a range of around 5 pounds until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As she was confined to her home for two years, Maribel gained 15 pounds, leaving her feeling miserable.

However, a ray of hope emerged when she discovered Changing Lives Health and Wellness, a transformative program recently introduced in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Coincidentally, while visiting the Wiser Insurance Agency, Maribel noticed the remarkable weight loss transformation of the owners, Bobby Fodera and Kenny Haring. Intrigued, she learned all about the program and was introduced to Mitchell on the same day. It felt like destiny, and Maribel was instantly captivated.

"Not only was I sold, I knew that this was something that I wanted to be a part of right away. I didn’t even have to think twice about it. I did my consult and paid my invoice and I got to losing. I was able to lose 60lbs in about 5 months. I went from a size 14 to a size 4! A SIZE 4!! I don’t think I was ever a size 4, not even as a child. I reached a goal I never thought would even be possible."

Without a second thought, Maribel seized the opportunity to be part of the program. She underwent a consultation and began her weight loss journey. Astoundingly, she shed an impressive 60 pounds in just five months. The best part of it all, aside from feeling her best and having self-esteem for the first time in a very long time, she now gets to help others accomplish their goals as a coach in the Changing Lives family.

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