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No Magic. No Gimmicks. Just Results.

Get personalized coaching, a customized meal & supplement plan, as well as access to our ever-growing support community to help you get to a weight you'd never imagined, and FAST!

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Safe, rapid weight loss IS possible and our proven system will help you shed pounds faster than you had ever dreamed!

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If you're feeling isolated, unhappy, and alone because of your figure, our program is ready to free your mind!

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Losing weight brings new-found feelings of confidence, happiness and mental peace. CLHAW is here to give it to you!

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Bobby Fodera, Owner of Changing Lives Health & Wellness Before Weight Loss

321.4 lb

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Meet Bobby!

Insurance Broker & Co-Founder, CLHAW

As a full-time business owner in addition to being a dedicated father and husband, our Co-Founder Bobby Fodera had struggled to stay ontop of his diet and exercise due to always putting others first.

Sound familiar?

Having only started the program in June of 2021, Bobby has shed a whopping 135lbs and is still going! Bobby is looking and feeling like he did in high school and has a new lease on life, which is a large reason he is so excited to be Co-Founder of Changing Lives Health and Wellness!

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Bobby Fodera, Owner of Changing Lives Health & Wellness After Weight Loss

185.8 lb

Lost 135.6 lb in 8.5 mos!

Turn Back

The Clock

Learn To Have A New Relationship With Food

Live a Healthier, More Conscious Lifestyle

Get Your Own Personalized Goal Planner

Join us for a FREE, no-obligation online or in-person group consultation to learn more about The Program that's changed the lives of hundreds of good people who need a reset!

PeeWee lost 60lbs in 3 months!

Check out our recent Instagram post showcasing PeeWee's stunning weight loss, shedding 60lbs in just about 3 months on the Changing Lives Program!

No Strenuous Exercise.
No Surgery.
Just A Changed Life.


"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you."

Most people get frustrated because every diet program they have tried has either not worked, only helped a little and/or they gain the weight back immediately and then some. This program is different."

- Gary S.

So, here I am, 27 pounds lighter! That may not seem like a lot to some people. I realize that most people struggle having to lose a heck of a lot more than that, I get it. But I have reached my goal, and honestly this plan couldn’t have gone any better for me.

- Liz B.

I wouldn’t have figured out how to overcome certain results or questions without Mitch’s coaching. My beliefs about weight loss were totally contrary to this program, but the clhw program worked with adjustments as needed through keeping Mitch updated daily.

- Trish B.

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