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Start Your Weight Loss Journey with Our Dedicated Team

Changing Lives Health and Wellness provides clients with best-in-class service with our excellent team members, including our experienced support staff.

Check out our Certified Life Coaches and our supporting team members like our Regional Marketing Manager Tadris Parker, who was able to successfully start his own 5K Training Program after losing weight.


Before beginning his weight loss journey, Tadris weighed 217 pounds, but through determination, dedication, and constant goal setting, he was able to successfully lose 50 pounds.

After losing the weight, Tadris set his goals even higher and began running, and his unwavering dedication allowed him to participate in two marathons.

Tadris’ success inspired him to help others get healthier and he eventually founded his own beginner 5K training program called Keep Calm And Run To The Best You.

His journey of helping others continues as a member of our Changing Lives Health and Wellness Team as he aids in regional marketing for our program.

“I am excited to partner with Changing Lives Health and Wellness,” said Tadris, “I believe the best way to predict the future is to create it, and with this program, we will create healthy lives for those we connect with.”

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