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Weight Loss and Accountability

Successfully change your relationship with food through meal planning, 1:1 Coaching and CLHAW Weight Loss Accountability Support Community in Atlantic County, NJ.

Learn to Change Your Relationship with Food

Throughout your weight-loss journey, you’ll be challenged in new ways and discover new strengths you never knew you had. One of the most challenging parts of losing weight is making a successfully change with your relationship with food through meal planning. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the aspects of weight loss: choosing the right options in the grocery store, what to eat for each meal, when to eat, and even which exercises to do during your workout. That overwhelming feeling can cause you to give up before you’ve even really begun. Luckily, with Changing Lives Health and Wellness, there’s more than one way to be held accountable, and successfully meet your weight-loss goals.

Our Weight Loss Coaches are Here to Help

Changing Lives specializes in one-on-one coaching, with your personal coach guiding you through every step of the journey and making sure you meet your personal goals. Our team is small but mighty, with hundreds of clients leaving the CLHAW program with a new perspective on life and a much smaller number on the scale. Your coach will help tailor your meal-planning to your needs and help cut down on all the decision making which can be so overwhelming. Our team of coaches works with clients personally each day and won’t take no for an answer. By working with your coach, you’ll learn about more than calorie counting– our coaches’ goal is to help you hold yourself accountable and make the best decisions for your journey.

Become a Member of Our Support Community

In addition to our experienced team of coaches, the Changing Lives Health and Wellness Accountability Support Community is an integral part to learning the life-changing process of weight loss. Through the community of fellow Changing Lives clients, you’ll meet an array of people who celebrate their success together, keep each other on the right track, and remind everyone to trust the process. The Accountability Support Community Facebook Group members regularly exchanges recipes and share tips on how they reached their goals, and of course hold one another accountable in their weight-loss journeys.

The Changing Lives experience is about personal accountability, and our coaches, meal planning assistance, and online community are well-equipped to help you learn the discipline of safe, rapid weight loss. While losing weight can often be a difficult journey you don’t have to do it alone, and while the journey may be tough, the results are life changing!

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